Used Aerial Lifts Serve Texas Needs

July 16, 2013 – The commercial and construction needs of Texas infrastructure for reach vehicles ofall kinds can be met by used lifts, announces the area website site The firm offers used aerial lifts, man lifts, the scissor lift, or boom lift, used or new in its online catalog. The site is intended to make those businesses aware of the uses for a full-service equipment center that provides lifts for all manner of jobs or maintenance of building structures. It also provides resources where appropriate through which the public can be informed on safety issues, and the quality of the service.

According to the site, “Our boom lifts, including telescopic boom lifts, offer a great variety of options for electrical and construction jobs, from small private tasks to the largest commercial endeavors. We have a variety—literally hundreds!—of boomlift models and sizes. Our scissor lifts, an economical alternative to boom lifts, come with varying lift platforms, load capacities and fuel requirements.” The promotional page states that “all of our scissor lifts are ideal for carrying and lifting heavy construction material like cement and steel blocks. And our electric scissor lifts, with extremely low noise levels, are ideal for carrying heavy loads in tight working spaces.”

The dependency of many companies on Aerial and other types of lifts is one of the modern issues in handling, ordering or assigning lift trucks. Observers of the industry note the uniqueness of the design and application of reach lifts, which in many cases only way to access building surfaces for painting, cleaning, or repair work. The ongoing need for further servicing physical infrastructure, and other location specific functions the lifts perform make the demand for them persistent. The element of being able to acquire them in used condition adds an aspect of affordability to the trucks.

Houston area consumers and businesses are expected to benefit from the range of choices of used aerial lifts at and more quickly select the ideal equipment needed for a specific purpose.  The site assures would be customers “The majority of our man lifts offer optional all-wheel drive, oscillating axles and traction control. We can locate, evaluate, negotiate, inspect and ship any machine you might need.“ The company carries all major brands and models of lift equipment, from Genie Lift, JLG, Skyjack, Snorkel, Upright, Terex Lift, Marklift, Simon, MEC and Condor.