Water Damage Service Professionals Get Your House Back to Normal


If you need a Houston Texas water damage service contractor, NiteOwl Restoration is the right choice for you. Our experienced team can ensure that a home that has been damaged by floods, leaky roofs, or bust plumbing are thoroughly cleaned and restored so that there are no further hazards to your health or well-being.

There are a number of problems that are associated with water damage, one of the biggest of which is mold growth. Mold thrives in cool and damp conditions, producing spores that are inhaled and can lead to allergic reactions and–over time– even death. NiteOwl has the testing equipment that is needed to ensure that there are no toxic molds growing in the walls so that you can breathe easy knowing that your home is safe.

Major floods may require that the residents find another place to live for a few weeks or if the leakage is minor, you might simply avoid the damaged area until it is fixed. During that time, all of the damaged materials will need to be removed in a safe manner and disposed of properly. Removing any trace of mold in the walls may require getting rid of insulation and replacing studs. Depending on the exact extent of the damage, our contractors will replace any weakened supports and rotten wood. Our skilled workers know all the signs and have the tools necessary to immediately identify problem areas and recommend the most cost-efficient and thorough way to fix them.

Once all of the toxic substances have been removed, our contractors will begin the process of putting your home back to rights. Whether you would like some improvements made while you are at it or you want everything back just the way it was, our team can ensure that the results are clean, professional, and long-lasting.

When your house has been exposed to water damage, it is important to make sure that the situation is handled as quickly as possible to avoid negative consequences. NiteOwl can help you get your home back up and running in next to no time at all.  Whether you have insurance or not, we have a solution to fit every budget. For more information or immediate service call us today at 832-593-1600 or visit us online at www.niteowl247.com and www.waterdamagespringtx.com