MAD River Oaks – Houston

Have you ever had a Spanish Tasting Menu in Tapas form? Neither have I until I tried MAD in River Oaks.

THE place to be right now in Houston (I mean Kate Upton just visited, so, seriously). I cannot believe I was able to get in with a last minute reservation on a Saturday Night when the waiting list is months long.  I’m glad I did because I was just blown away by every dish and drink the place was throwing at me. Coupled with a wonderful conversation between our server and the cooks (we got seated Chef Table-Side) and feeling the radiant heat of the open fire every so often, the experience was amazing.

So here’s what to expect: Upscale (read expensive) dining in a retro 80’s almost-like decor (bathrooms have a mirror tunnel with cool lighting) with a Spanish style menu (chorizo, paella and sangria) done by overzealous chefs who really wanted to impress us with their skills by recreating every tapa imaginable in a tasting menu form. Liquid Olives, Honey Comb Gin Cocktails with Smoked Thyme, Coffee in a Chemistry Set, I mean this place is borderline ridiculous… In an AWESOME way.

Must Have:

    • Liquid Olives
    • Jamon Iberrico
    • Manchego Cheese Desert
    • Honey Comb Gin Cocktail
    • Red Sangria
    • Any Paella
    • Ribeye American Wagyu Steak if you just want to hit the high score of 3000 calories in one sitting. Serisouly worth it!

Beready to fast a few weeks before visiting (so you can afford it) and a few weeks after (so you loose the weight) and not be able to look at another tapas menu the same.

MAD has achieved something truly remarkable: They have reinvented the Tapas Menu while preserving Authenticity. This is a major compliment and I’m glad they took the leap. Go try it. It’s well worth the starvation building up to it.