Houston Smart Home Automation

First of all, what is a smart home? A smart home uses automated devices and appliances that you control through an app on your phone or another internet-connected device. Program schedules to keep your devices in a routine or response system.


Next, let’s define what it means to have a green home. When a house goes green, it means that it is environmentally friendly. This type of house will be efficient when it comes to using its water, energy, or building materials. It also takes advantage of natural features such as the sun. A go-green home conserves resources such as water and energy while producing less waste in return.


Now comes the question, how do you go green with a smart home? Let’s consider a few suggestions on how to combine these two types of houses into one convenient energy saver for you.


Smart Home Energy Savers

The age of your house is going to be the deciding factor on how much is involved in turning it green. Of course, the ideal scenario is a new home with built-in energy savers. However, that is not usually the case. But no need to worry, it is easier than you think. The best beginning for your energy-saving home is to install some smart home devices. You control your devices and appliances with a hub panel that is integrated with your home security system or with your voice through your virtual home assistant. Here are just a couple of examples of smart home energy savers:

smart home

Smart Thermostat: These smart thermostats are programmed to adjust to your schedule and routines and can be adjusted remotely with the app. Saves energy by not using HVAC unnecessarily.

Smart Lightbulbs: This lightbulb uses LED that is internet-compatible. You use an app to control