How to help your shy dating partner to open up

You fell for him head over heels. He is a nice guy, handsome and decent. Once you started dating him you discovered that he is shy. He keeps things to himself, doesn’t like to attend parties and answers only he is poked. What would you do?

Don’t force him

You cannot force someone to talk or be outgoing. It takes time to open up and some men take more time. Be gentle towards him. Don’t coax him to talk more or go out with you if doesn’t want to.

Give him his own space

Don’t make him attend parties where he would get a lot of attention. Plan the dates so that he enjoys his privacy. Movies, private dining or visiting museums or art galleries, if he is comfortable with these ideas, ask him to accompany you to these places.

Study his body language

Since your man talks less you have to study his body language to understand his feelings. A shy guy may not shower you with compliments but may stare at you when you are not looking. He may hold your hand while walking to show he cares. Does he lean towards you when talking? How does he place his hands? Are his legs crossed? Observing all these little things would tell you that your man is interested in you.

Help him to open up

He doesn’t ask a lot of questions as he is shy but you can. Make him feel good by complimenting the things he does for you. Simple words of encouragement would make him comfortable around you.

Ask for his help

What is he good at? Sports? Maths or computers? Seek his help so that he gets a chance to talk about something he loves. This would help him to loosen up.

Take up light subjects

Shy guys do not feel comfortable to talk about things that are dear to them. They may even refrain from commenting on religious or political beliefs. So, in the initial days of dating, choose light topics. Movies, favorite pop star, authors or childhood memories about school and friends are topics he may love to talk about.

 Give him time

Shy guys need time. You have to be patient. With time, love, and encouragement he would become more outgoing. Till then, you have to be empathetic towards him. If you want him to meet your family, plan a quiet dinner with your parents. Once he knows them, let your cousins enter the scene.

A shy guy is often more passionate than you can imagine. He only needs time to reveal his true feelings. So, just wait and give him a chance to open up.