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Jerryis introducing MaxReach, the Next Innovation in Massage Guns

Never Miss Another Spot

The Problem with Typical Massage Guns
Vibrating percussion guns have exploded in popularity recently, especially among athletes. It’s a great way to tackle the soreness of training every day. Unfortunately, the conventional options have a couple of problems, from not reaching certain spots to being outright dangerous.

One of the big problems is that no compact designs reach every spot. In addition, most of the massage guns on the market are not meant for use by one person, and not everyone has a training partner to help out. That makes reaching the right spots hard after a long training session.The MaxReach Solution

That’s where MaxReach comes in. The unique and innovative design addresses the reach problem with traditional vibrating percussion guns. It’s compact, lightweight, and compatible with most models of massage guns.er Now
The MaxReach is an addition to a massage gun that adds reach without adding more weight so that every athlete can treat their sore areas precisely without assistance. In addition, the lightweight, ergonomic design ensures that treating one area does not mean another area hurts.

In short, it revolutionizes how athletes can address their pain and soreness.

Meet the Designer
Hi, I’m Coach Jerry Garza. I teach athletes how to tumble almost every day of the week. While I did everything possible to minimize my pain and maintain my own fitness, it wasn’t enough. After a long day of catching, demonstrating, and carrying athletes, I found myself sore and not recovering like I once did.
While normal percussion massage guns did have an effect, every one I tested was missing something I needed. Even the light mini-massage guns couldn’t reach, while the bigger guns were too unwieldy. After trying several, I decided to design my own fix for the percussion massage gun.

That’s when I created MaxReach with the ability to hit any area of the body. Now, I’m launching MaxReach to the public to start changing how athletes handle their soreness and muscle aches.

As technology keeps advancing, more people are embracing sedimentary lifestyles where we hardly move around to get work done. While this looks work-efficient, our physique and general health are suffering. Aches and pains in our muscles and joints are so frequent we are beginning to accept them as normal.

An immediate means of getting relief will be through the use of massage guns. But then, there are certain spots an ordinary massage gun is unable to reach. Hence your need for something else – MaxReach.

MaxReach is the #1 percussion massage gun accessory that allows you to reach the unreachable spots and hard-to-reach places with ease. With MaxReach, between your shoulder blades, feet, and other problematic body parts will experience relief.

With its compact look and weight, MaxReach is suitable to carry around. You don’t need anyone’s help with this, as you can reach the perfect spot with ease from the comfort, sanity, safety, and privacy of your home or office. As long as you are over ten years old, this product is suitable for you.

Get MaxReach today to enjoy the amazing benefits of percussion therapy; the experience is priceless.