Houston We Have a Problem


Last year, Hurricane Harvey pummeled the City of Houston with strong winds and heavy torrential rainfall; causing devastating floods and inflicting damage and destruction to property and infrastructure. The most destructive cyclone to strike the state of Texas since the sixties, Harvey laid waste to coastal towns, leaving behind a trail of debris and wreckage, the likes of which have not been seen since the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Houses collapsed, roads were destroyed and boats floated like scrap heap as maximum wind gusts were recorded at 132 mph, based on an observation by the National Hurricane Center. Extreme flooding also forced the authorities to close the airport; a campaign to evacuate over one million people from their homes was also underway during the storm’s offensive.

Inhabitants of Houston, keep on to their recovery efforts after the disaster wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Relief operations were spearheaded by two agencies, to lend support and provide the mechanism, in reaching out to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. To clean up the streets and alleyways littered with rubble, a total of 7000 individuals volunteered. A major center for Jehovah’s Witnesses, over 48 Kingdom Halls of the religious group was rehabilitated, while 545 houses are planned to undergo key rehabilitative construction work. Meanwhile, crisis havens were set up by the Red Cross to serve as temporary sanctuaries to those in need and wanting refuge from the incessant flooding and relentless rain. A hot meal was also provided by the volunteer group to hungry evacuees.

As you can see, the after effects caused by Hurricane Harvey’s cataclysmic attack are now only being fully manifested. It is most profoundly felt by homeowners whose homes are still submerged in floodwaters. Once the flooding has subsided, mildew and molds contaminate the walls and boards of the houses, contributing to decay and rot. To counteract this creeping putrefaction, the homeowner buys from the store a chemical based mold spray. But such a solution is, in the long-term, harmful not only to people but also to our planet’s delicate ecosystem. Instead of using such lead based chemical products, we have come up with a plant-based, organic compound that effortlessly combats mold infestation as well as destroy the mold spores while they are airborne. 

In order to efficiently use our plant based solution, we will employ the use of air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, air movers, water extraction vacuums and foggers as well as a commercial vehicle (to transport the unit/workers). Funding from the public is required to accomplish this goal and to convey this service to Hurricane Harvey flood victims. As an additional incentive, preordering our small consumer products will also go a long way towards our relief efforts and will help support our Indiegogo crowdfunding project. Aromatherapy oils, essential oils, diffusers, necklaces are just a few we offer for those who wish to support our crusade against molds and chemical based solutions. 

The support from the residents of Texas will be much appreciated to make this project a success. To get the ball rolling, we need preliminary financing from kind and helpful souls. We shall keep everyone posted on further updates on this lofty undertaking.