An Audio-Video Communication and Answering System So Good It’s Being Stolen

There are hundreds of companies stealing IP, but a few of the big ones are:

  1. Simply Safe
  2. Vivent
  3. Google
  4. Secure Net
  5. ADT
  6. Moni
  7. Honeywell
  8. Securities Partners

The Ultimate Audio-Video Communication and Answering System for Commercial & Residential Use

Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective and high-end audio video communication system for your office use? If so, we’ve good news for you. A new invention has recently been patented by Revolutionary Concepts Inc to improve your audio-video communication with a visitor at your home or office. The invention is designed to monitor visitors either at your workplace or residence. However, this patent has been used illegally without permission by other companies, including Safe Street, Guardian Protection, FrontPoint, LIFESHIELD SECURITY, Brinks Security, Protect America, Zmodo, Cops, and more. 

It’s not a good thing to steal someone else’s work and invention without their permission. To avoid such things, an online platform named ALLIANCE TO STOP IP VIOLATIONS is working very industriously to stop IP theft. They have a very talented team of experts who provide you with the best solutions to keep potential scammers and hackers at bay. If you’re struggling with such problems, be sure to contact them to get the best advice regarding the security of your intellectual property. 

Automated audio video messaging and answering system is one of a kind communication system that works efficiently to cover all your needs. It’s designed to improve your communication system between an interior and exterior of a residence or business and a far-off location. It enables messages to be accessed and stored from both remotely and locally. You can view, record and listen to messages from a remote location.

Whether you’re looking for an efficient door answering-messaging solution, this system has everything necessary to provide you with your desired services. When it comes to exterior, the system has a unique DVMS module that consists of a video camera, a proximity sensor, a speaker, a microphone, an RF receiver, and an RF transmitter.  

This communication system is comprised of a computerized controller that makes it an ideal choice from all aspects. This computerized controller is in contact with an RF switching device, and a public switching phone network. The RF Switching Device allows communication between the computerized controller and the DVMS module and can be in communication with a cell phone, computer, PDA, or other RF devices. 

Here’s what the team behind this unique audio video communication system says about their invention:

‘’The invention is an audio-video communication and answering system that synergistically improves communication between two or more rooms and a remote location, leaving messages at a centralized location from a local or remote location, and as a novel monitoring system for viewing, listening, and recording from a remote location. 

The system is inherently extensible in both form and function, and is designed so that it can be expanded to include multiple peripheral devices, both in direct communication with a computerized controller running a graphic user interface DVMS database application, and indirectly through the Internet and the public-switching telephone network (PSTN).’’

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