Former Disney Executive Adam Leipzig’s MediaU, Partners with Houston Community College To Provide Industry-Level Training to Students

It was recently announced that the Houston Community College (HCC) Filmmaking program announced a partnership with MediaU in its endeavor to educate and apprentice the next batch of industry pioneers.

Launched by former Disney and National Geographic executive Adam Leipzig, MediaU’s educational platform is designed to address the worldwide explosion of content and the massive under-served need for skilled personnel in film and network production. The organization uses career-focused mentorship and skill-based instruction to prepare its students to apply directly to jobs in the film industry.

HCC commented that their partnership with MediaU will “provide cutting-edge, media industry-related content for students during their final year of study. MediaU offers a variety of courses distilling current, high-level industry concepts into digestible lessons meant to enhance our students’ marketable skills and further promote their success upon completion. MediaU also offers invitations to virtual, live networking events, membership in an active online community, and mentorship from working industry professionals.”

MediaU offers courses to content creators and filmmakers seeking to upskill and further their careers in the entertainment industry. The courses are both varied and tailored to allow participants to concentrate on the subjects that are most interesting to them, including “The Marketing & Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers.” In this course, participants learn essential marketing skills and, specifically, how to market their films to engage audiences. At the end of the program, students emerge with a real, practical, actionable game plan for marketing and distributing an independent film.

‘The Marketing & Distribution Roadmap,’ along with all courses at MediaU, is facilitated by currently-working industry professionals who mentor creators to gain more critical skills and knowledge. Outside of these mentorships, the star-studded company also offers opportunities to network and connect with other industry leaders.

“Houston Community College has a fantastic media arts department, and we’re honored to serve its talented filmmaking students and alumni. As MediaU continues to grow, we look forward to more relationships with colleges and universities, where we can provide career-focused enhanced learning opportunities,” MediaU CEO Adam Leipzig explained.

In addition to producing and financing your film, MediaU offers specialized lessons geared toward producers, filmmakers, and members of SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). For those still trying to decide their path, MediaU has the “Discover your Journey ” quiz to match people with their best possible media industry track.

For higher education looking to expand its media and entertainment courses, MediaU is the ideal partner. Courses at MediaU are led by such distinctive leaders in their field, including screenwriter and director Terry George (The Name of the Father, Hotel Rwanda, The Promise), writer and producer Tamika Lamison (Ferguson Rises), and actor and producer Harry J. Lennix (The Blacklist, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, The Five Heartbeats).

For more information on MediaU, please visit its website here.