Avoid These 4 Killers Near Houston Construction Jobs

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Dumpster rentals in Houston can be super dangerous. Especially on large construction sites, where an accident is always around the corner.

Essential security measures can save lives, such as keeping employees properly educated on how to deal with dangerous situations on the job.

The majority of life-threatening injuries can be traced back to four primary accidents.

So here, we will break down the causes of work fatalities, deaths resulting from different types of construction areas and their comparison with mortality rates in other types of occupations.

The Fatal Four

These are the four types of common construction injuries that account for 57% of the lost lives on job sites every year.

1. Falls

On the construction sites, workers often have to work at dangerous heights. Thus without proper safety measures, there are chances that they might fall from the ladder, scaffolds or the roofs of the buildings. 36% of the workers die because of falling in a fatal manner from such heights.

2. Struck By Debris

It is also one of the primary reasons that cause 10% of the deaths on the construction sites. Workers often get hit by heavy equipment, falling trash and debris, or moving vehicles.

3. Electrocutions

9% of the deaths on the construction sites occur because of the electric shock due to negligence in placing the warning signs.

4. Caught Between Machinery

As there is always heavy machinery on the construction sites, distracted workers can quickly become caught between a 40 yard dumpster door or busy commercial vehicles. 2% of fatalities happen this way.

Eliminate The Fatal Four

If we can mitigate the fatal four from our constructions sites, then we may very well be able to save the lives of 435 construction workers every year in America.

• We can eliminate the fatal four by taking the following steps:
• Workers should wear the fall arrest system
• Workers should wear the hard hat, and they should not carelessly place their heavy tools.
• Beware of the large objects and vehicles around
• Do not remove the ground pins from plugs, respect the warning signs and be careful when using extension cords.
• Stay out of the way of heavy machinery

How Dangerous is Construction?

Construction sites are considered by most as the most hazardous work environment. Riskier construction pros can never know if they will return home or not.

Survey studies conducted in the United States from 2002 to 2012 found that 19.5% of the overall work-related deaths have occurred near construction sites.

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