Why You Should Choose Scientology? Marion Julius Says I’ll Tell You Why?

Marion Julius Not A Trouble Maker

A proud fan and supporter of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

His name is L. Ron Hubbard he is the founder of the Church of Scientology he was a Writer, an Artist, a humanitarian, a hero, a genius, a father and he was a friend. LRH as we call him was intelligent and I’m sure he’d want me to say he was also very handsome. His words would just come as he got the ink and put it onto paper his mind worked all the time coming up with so many ideas, stories and working on his religion and his organizations. LRH was good with words and he knew what he was doing he was a man who would write for hours. In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics was available for many people out there you’re probably saying huh? What’s that? It’s the start of a journey that all people out there should begin a journey which if you choose to follow that path is the way to your happiness. L. Ron Hubbard came up with Scientology an interesting word your saying right? Its meaning its simple “knowing how to know” Scientology and its bridge to total freedom is the key to your success with it if you do it its a step in the right direction a direction which can lead you help you to achieve all of your goals and dreams. Scientology can give you whatever you want with Scientology nothing is impossible there’s no saying cannot all there’s is saying yes you can. Doing Scientology can give you the tools and knowledge to help you to deal with your own problems it can also help you to get better at things you are weak at. And making you stronger so you can excel at things in your life helping you with your daily life. L. Ron Hubbard’s idea his plan his mission was to use his mind to produce this wonderful thing so that mankind can then take this Scientology and use to their advantage. Over the years there has been many people saying and writing negative things about it. And I think that is really sad because L. Ron Hubbard worked very very hard throughout his life. He was a very intelligent and loving man and its really sad to see people showing him disrespect.