What is the #1 Houston Home Security System?

When your home is your castle, who can you trust to help protect it? After hearing so many stories from friends and relatives about break-ins and robberies we started looking for a better security system for our home. After careful review, We recommend Fort Knox Home Security Services. They are the #1 alarm company in and around the Houston metro area. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on a home security system and need something that will be easy to set up.

The Fort Knox Home Security & Alarm System was convenient to swap out for our older service provider and it even connects with our smart home integration. We can access the system conveniently with our phones through their secure app and monitor what is going on in our home when we are at work and on vacations in addition to plenty of other features that always come in handy and make us feel well protected.

When doing our research we like the fact that Fort Knox Home Security has been around for over 40 years serving customers in the Houston area.

They are a Texas company and really understand the unique needs of customers in our state. Fort Knox has a renowned reputation with its customers as can be proven by reading just a few of their glowing testimonials and A+ Rating from the BBB.

They are a company with great prices and fast response times with loads of experience to keep us safe and secure in our home.

We recommend you check out their website and give them a call to speak with one of their home security experts who can help explain the installation process and spot unique trouble areas in the home that needed to be addressed by a professional with experience in home security systems in the Houston area.