Increase Traffic on Website-Issues and Resolves on Automated Bots

With the growing population of people joining the modern, digital age simply by accessing the web regular, the amount of non-human web users is also a growing entity at a much exceptional rate. Recent studies have found that the Internet has been accumulating more traffic from bots in comparison to human with a rate about 21% higher than the latter.

This amount of increase has put the collective non-human traffic to a share of 61 percent with a 24 percent of it stemming from malicious bots used for trespassing and hacking data from different companies. Fortunately, the good types of bots are growing at a much higher exponential rate, undermining the performance of malicious bots, which have wreaked havoc to e-commerce business back in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, there’s so much to know how to increase traffic on website for every business.

Not Really People

For the average user of the internet, it doesn’t really matter as to whether or not the Internet is seeing most of its traffic from automated bots. Nonetheless, this kind of information is strongly crucial to companies and website owners who are constantly trying to monitor the amount of traffic they are receiving accurately.

There are analytics programs that do not really count the amount of bot visits in the produced statistics report. This creates a notable difference in the number of traffic a website believes that it is actually receiving.

Incapsula, which is the research company behind this study was truly able to monitor about 1.4 billion visits by bots in just a 90-day period. While this doesn’t really provide a complete and precise look at the internet’s amount of traffic received from bots, it still proves to be a solid basis.

The great increase in the usage of bots could largely be ascribed to different search engine optimization tools, which are turning out to be more prominent as businesses make their attempts to quickly automate their search engine probabilities. For instance, we are seeing newly entrenched SEO-centered services crawling sites at rates of 30 to 55 daily visits. Perhaps even more.

Bad Site Visitors
The bots may be useful, but they also carry a lot of shortcomings, which explains why many call it the darker side of the industry. For one, plenty of these bots are being exploited in order to fully hack different confidential databases and business files. Others are used for spamming and other types of automated activities that can truly undermine the quality of service different web visitors are getting.

Basically, by the looks of it, automated bots generally breach the level of security held by different business entities found in the online world. Impersonators alone are a big problem in the industry by setting out credit card frauds and other related transgressions. These little bots are adding up to the amount of burden that must be endured by the businesses and even the pool of clients themselves.

A New Kind of Automated Traffic
On the brighter side of the story, automated traffic is not always about the bad stuff. It always depends on where the whole things stems from. These days, several different companies have emerged into the wide open stadium in order to provide quality traffic to those who seek better odds in gaining more revenue as businesses. A good example to this would be the Website Traffic Team. Though they have been in service for some time now, they have recently just got themselves into the limelight because of the kind of web traffic they are able to produce for their subscribers. Ultimately, web traffic providers like the Website Traffic Team know exactly what kind of traffic their clients need. In other words, they can do specializations and would always come up with a better resolve to induce more traffic into different niches. After all, it’s all about knowing the niche and creating the most effective net for people who are all about it.

Incapsula released word, too, that those who aim to have more traffic for their site should be less credulous to what promises traffic companies are disclosing. There must be vigilance and thorough assessment before closing in with a deal. Only real human traffic is the only effective choice for better marketing. For more information on quality web traffic, visit