Houston Wedding DJ writes Wedding Book

Houston Wedding DJ writes Wedding Book

*Houston’s the best place for me. I’ve been blessed to work events of all price ranges and every immaginable culture. All because of the diversity of Houston. It’s been so wonderful, I wanted to share the journey” Bill Cox, Wedding DJ

Ultimate Wedding Ceremony BookBill Cox, alongside Janie Franz (Bowdancer series etc..) have been seeing noticeable success since the official publication of their two wedding-related books. Launched onto Amazon in 2007 and 2008 respectively, The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book and The Ultimate Wedding Reception Book have become consumer favorites when it comes to learning more about weddings, and what to expect on the special day. Cox, has become renown for his Host Talent. In fact, as a DJ, Cox has worked at over 4,000 events 2500+ Wedding Receptions as Producer, MC and/or DJ, and has even Produced a feature film Beer & Seed (www.beerandseedthemovie.com).Bill_Cox_Wedding_DJ

As an author, Cox believes that his books shed light on what has become over 2-thousand weddings. As one of the only publishing DJ’s, Cox has compiled the two books with every tip, trick and trade secret that him and Franz have come across through their careers. With each event having a unique story to tell, Cox knows his stuff too. More often than not, many people chose to ignore the advice of professionals and instead listen to the uninformed.0608_Ultimate_Wedding_Reception_Book_Cover

The two book publications provide a comprehensive resource for people who are planning a wedding, and want to get both the reception and ceremony spot on and perfect.
“This is one of the must-have books for anyone planning a wedding ceremony. Many brides might feel that they know what they are doing or have sisters, aunts, friends that swear they know everything; I was one of those brides before I read this book,” said C. Forrester, an Amazon Verified Reviewer.
To learn more about the two books published by Cox and Franz, head over to: www.weddingbookbyweddingdj.com