Choosing the Best Flowers for Funeral Homes in Houston


One of the saddest times in life is when we have to say farewell to a beloved family member, friend or acquaintance. For many, it’s also a challenge trying to determine where to find flowers and which kinds to get. Flowers of Tomball understands the difficulties a family faces when arranging for a befitting funeral of a loved one. Our goal has always been that the last remembrance you have of your loved one should be of peace and serenity.  That is why we go to great lengths to take care of even the smallest of details, especially when it comes to flowers. Flowers of Tomball handles all aspects of the funeral including floral displays.

From us to you, we promise personalized care, professional attention, and an understanding staff who will guide you through the process of choosing and arranging the best flowers. We will discuss the type of flowers and options available, relieving you of worry and responsibility at a time of emotional crisis. We also make it extremely convenient to transport the flowers for you

Selecting the most appropriate flowers

As you can imagine, the process of selecting the right flowers for a funeral can be challenging, given the fact that for most families, it is their first time embarking in such an exercise. Are brightly-colored flowers appropriate or will dark ones do?

We help with the entire process and you’re never alone when trying to determine the most appropriate flowers for the occasion. We guide you through which colors are best and which ones reflect the occasion. We also take into consideration the personality of the deceased.

Would it be all right to send flowers if the death notice requests a charitable donation, “in lieu of flowers”?

Yes. Flowers at the funeral service not only add warmth and life to a somber event, they are a tangible tribute. They let the bereaved know, visibly, how much their loved one touched the lives of others. Just as we would never choose not to send sympathy cards, offer assistance, or donate food when asked to make a financial contribution, flowers are always appropriate and appreciated.

May I send a live plant to a funeral home? If so, will it be sent to the family afterwards?

Yes, it is appropriate to send a green or flowering plant. Some funeral homes will deliver plants or flowers to the bereaved’s home after the memorial services, if specified. Others may require that the family take them home with them. Ask the funeral home staff about their policy.

Can I send flowers in a glass vase to a funeral home?

From an etiquette standpoint, this is absolutely acceptable. However, some funeral homes have rules about certain types of arrangements. If the arrangement you would like to send is anything outside the realm of traditional sympathy floral designs, you should consult the funeral home concerning their policy on such arrangements before ordering.