5 Tips For Choosing A Dance Studio In Houston


5 Tips For Choosing A Dance Studio In Houston

Regardless of whether you’re choosing a dance studio for yourself or a child, the process is virtually the same. The only difference is that there will be a minimum age for a child to commence dance lessons. Usually dance studios in Houston will accept kids from the age of five.

Following are five basic questions that need to be asked and answered for you to make an informed choice of dance studios. Doing so will greatly help you decide on which Houston dance studio is the best choice to provide you and/or your child or children with dance lessons.

1. What is your reason for wanting to find a dance studio in Houston?

Do you or your child want to be a professional dancer? Is your goal to lose weight or get fit? Do you want to take dancing lessons just for fun? If your or your child’s goal is to become a professional dancer you want to be looking for a dance studio that focuses on dance instruction at a professional level. On the other hand, if you just want to learn to dance as a fun way to exercise or spend quality time with a daughter, you’ll want to find a dance studio that focuses on recreational dance instruction.

2. Are dance lessons compatible with your schedule?

An important aspect of choosing a Houston dance studio is compatible schedules. You may not be able or willing to alter your schedule to accommodate classes, so the class dates and times have to work for you. Be sure to confirm the dates and times of classes before committing or you may be forced to miss out on dance lessons you’ll have already paid for.

3. Will you, the dance lesson curriculum, and the instructor be a good fit?

Some Houston dance studios will allow interested students to participate in a class as a test, and do so at no charge. Others offer a per lesson fee for potential new students to participate in a few classes before committing to a full course of lessons. It’s a good idea to test the waters before enrolling because if you or your child are uncomfortable, your dance lessons will not be an enjoyable experience.

4. Will you get the instruction you need?

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or intermediate student of dance, you’ll want and need individual instruction from time to time. Classes with fewer than a dozen students allow instructors to provide a fair amount of individual instruction. Classes with more than fifteen students generally result in an instructor having very little time to coach students individually. Alternatively, some Houston dance studios will provide individual tutoring upon request. Ask if such an option is available, but be prepared to pay a hefty price for one on one dance instruction outside the regular classes.

5. Can your budget cover dance lessons?

The rate card for Houston dance lessons that a Houston dance studio charges may not tell the entire story when it comes to cost. For example, some dance studios provide costumes but charge extra. Some will charge students lockers. Of course taking extra classes or getting one on one tutoring costs an additional amount, but how much? Some dance studios give discounts to enrolled students wanting to take additional classes. Be sure to learn what all of the costs will be before registering for classes.